Brain Spotting

Your brain has a powerful way to heal itself!

Brainspotting is a LIBERATING modality…

It begins with healing the trauma (stored energy) in the body

…and not necessarily with “talking” about old childhood memories or the many disturbing times with the Narcissist…

Brainspotting allows us easy access to work with the body at a deeper level using our deeper brain.

…Narcissists simply throw “salt on our wounds” and emphasize what is already inside of us…

Brainspotting gets to the core of “not good enough”, “not smart enough”, not worthy or deserving”. 

Brainspotting allows for the deeper healing work.


What to expect with Brainspotting:

  1. It can be a subtle experience or a profound one
  2. The intention is to process out the stored traumatic energy in your body
  3. You will feel calmer, with no more panic attacks, more yourself, more grounded, less brain fog, less stress, less anxiety, clearer mind, not so fearful, more strengthened in self.
  4. I use Brainspotting with 100% of my targets of narcissistic abuse with profound results!


Example of a Brainspotting Session:

* Where you look affects how you feel. 

* With Brainspotting we use an eye position to go inside to help us process maladapted beliefs and core wounds. 

* A brain spot is seen as an eye position that correlates with a physiological capsule that holds a traumatic experience in memory form. 

* Your own system accesses the subconscious by paying attention to the body, exploring it to get new info. 

* We are looking for internal files or “capsules” of time-oriented uncertainty/trauma. 

* With Brainspotting, we are simply curious and we go into uncertainty to heal.

* The brain has a powerful way to “heal itself of its original traumas, given the opportunity”. 

* We want the “thinking brain”, the NEOCORTEX to go OFFLINE and the “body brain”, the SUBCORTEX to engage. 

Psychotherapy is only likely to be successful LONGTERM when the SUBCORTEX system ( Allocortex  – deeper in limbic system & the Agranular isocortex- the third eye)  is accessed and regulated.  



  1. We will set you up with headphones, listening to biolateral beats (nature or music) during your processing,
  2. I will then set the frame for you,
  3. I will be attuned with you, holding space for you, watching your neurobiological responses and I may not say very much – acknowledging and asking you to pay attention to your body felt sense when you process the things that come up,
  4. All you need to do is observe with curiosity, give yourself time, and see what happens. We don’t want to go INTO the story but rather just be the OBSERVER OF THE STORY, so I will say things like .. “try to just OBSERVE, JUST NOTICE, (its kind of like watching a movie of your mind),
  5. All kinds of things can happen, there is no “right way” to do this, you might go through things you don’t understand (remember we’re accessing the subconscious mind”), if its ever too overwhelming, you will let me know as I have things I can do to “turn  the volume down”,
  6. You simply want to stay curious to the process, let the feelings, thoughts, emotions just come up with no judgement,
  7. I will watch the time and be there with you every step of the way by holding the space for you


Brainspotting is an effective and liberating modality to calm the central nervous system that has been “stirred up” by the interactions with the narcissistic person.  Once we are more regulated, we can move on in our life, live the life we are meant to, healed and happier!

Your road to Recovery!

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