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The Narcissist’s Soul War and How to Heal From it

If you are a target of narcissistic abuse, it may feel as though your deep inner soul has quite literally been sucked right out of you. You often feel energetically depleted, not yourself emotionally, you’ve lost your spiritual connection to life force, you do...

Parent Alienation

When parental alienation occurs, it is because the narcissistic parent has implied to the child that the other parent is the “bad” parent and is the one causing the child’s pain.

Are you a Narcissist?

On healthy narcissism, pathological narcissism and energy vampires. How to identify a pathological narcissist besides their obvious behaviours and how to deal with complex – PTSD after narcissistic abuse.

Is Society Waking Up to the Narcissist?

It’s becoming apparent we have more emotional manipulators among us than we realize! They are showing up in positions where their behaviour is abhorrent and we are flabbergast they get away with what they do. They ruin families, they ignore the rights of marriage,...

4 Steps to Conscious Change!

It’s a “New Year, New You” a phrase we hear often at this time of year. Many of us have good intentions to make things different, to reach higher, to feel and be better, to do life better. But what actually has to happen to get to that “New You”?

Your road to Recovery!

I can help you heal from being abused by a Narcissist. There is an element of deprogramming that needs to happen, then we will work to desensitize the trauma. Click below, and let’s get started on getting YOU to a better place!
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