From Intake, through Process, to Closure

Getting Started

Please contact me to book an appointment through my online booking system.  Or email me directly at [email protected]

Intake & Consent & Confidentially

You will start by accessing my booking system and opening your account.

I ask you to fill out an Intake which will include your immediate needs and concerns and your presenting issues with the narcissist.

Sign the required Consent form which outlines my duties as a professional psychotherapist and the details of how I structure my practice.

Everything shared in your therapeutic practice remains fully CONFIDENTIAL.

Psychotherapy/Counselling Sessions:

Typically we take the first session to attune and get to know each other and to understand your history.

We will however, begin to work immediately on getting you to feel better.

I offer you strategies and tools to regain your power and overcome your fears.

I will fully explain how Brainspotting works and you will decide when you wish to try it (or not!) You will need to download the biolateral beats (I will explain!)

The goal is for you to regulate your nervous system and feel better!


Together we will identify where you are in your understanding of Narcissistic Abuse and give you immediate tools to feel better.

We will develop a Treatment Plan.

We will discuss your current level of Cognitive Dissonance and work to heal it with education, tools and Brainspotting

We will discuss Brainspotting, how it works and how it will benefit you.

We will constantly review where you are in your recovery and readjust accordingly. 

We will measure and monitor outcomes and aim to help you feel better as quickly as possible.

Duration & Closure

We will be clear about your finances upfront and assess how long the process might take based on your intake history.  My best practice is to fast track you to feeling better and to bring you to closure.

To book an appointment...

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