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Narcissist Abuse Therapist

Narcissistic Abuse (NA) Recovery Therapy


 Are you involved with a Narcissist?

A Gaslighter? 


If so, and even if you’re not sure … you are probably feeling confused, uncertain and exhausted.

And most likely … because you are here … you are at your “wits end” … needing support.

Whether from a relationship or friend, family member, boss or colleague, narcissistic abuse is REAL and is DANGEROUS for our brain/neurobiology…

It can leave us:

*Feeling alone, depleted and exhausted

*Tolerating strange and abusive behaviour

*”Walking on eggshells” around this person, always “on alert”

*Feeling “addicted” to this person – you keep going back, hoping it will “be better this time?”

*Experiencing dissonant thoughts (internal conflict –  “I love them/I hate them”, “they’re a narcissist/”maybe I’m a narcissist?”)

*Trying to explain it all to others … who simply, “don’t get it”.

If this seems true:

You have likely been targeted by a personality impaired individual  – namely a Psychopath, Narcissist, Anti-Social, or Borderline Personality Disordered individual  – Cluster B Personality Disorder – as determined in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, American Psychiatric Association.

These are strong “scientific labels” for people who suffer from personality impairment in EMPATHY, INTIMACY, SELF-DIRECTION and SELF-IDENTITY.

As a result, your brain has likely been injured by the dual dysregulation (PTSD and Cognitive Dissonance) perpetuated by the Cluster B’s pervasive and enduring behaviours.

Again, these are strong “scientific labels” for your feelings of stress, anxiety, and grief.

And, more importantly, the intermittent reinforcement of reward and punishment behaviours (Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde) can cause “atypical trauma symptoms” – COGNITIVE DISSONANCE (pervasive and enduring internal conflict) which can last a lifetime if not healed.

Again, these are strong “scientific labels” for your confusion, self doubt  and loss of self-confidence.


Not only do we suffer TYPICAL trauma from narcissistic abuse – complex ptsd, emotional dysregulation.  We ALSO suffer ATYPICAL trauma, namely Cognitive Dissonance. 

Our brains are “plastic”, “changeable”, and because of the time spent with the personality impaired person, our brains become “damaged” from the “Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde behaviours of reward and punishment, gaslighting, manipulation, and cycle of abuse (love-bombing, devalue, discard) causing us relentless internal conflict (“I love them/I hate them”, “I need to leave/I cannot leave”, They are a narcissist/ Maybe I’m  a narcissist”)

I understand what you are experiencing, and have worked with targets of narcissistic abuse exclusively for almost 10 years.

My Online Private Practice offers :

* Validation of your situation

* Understanding why your Core Personality Traits became a magnet for their Core Pathological Traits  

*Emotional regulation

* Harm reduction & Trauma education

*Psychopathology education (understanding their personality impairments)

*Skill building

*Communication support 

*Effective tools for navigating family issues, divorce, legal system, parallel parenting, parent alienation

and most importantly



to help heal your…

* Typical Trauma – complex ptsd, emotional dysregulation

* Atypical Trauma – cognitive dissonance (internal conflict )

* and, to help regulate your autonomic nervous system


My goal is to…  

*support you to feel better, starting in the first session

*move you through your process quickly – you do not need to be in therapy for years!

*allow  the neuroexperience of Brainspotting to liberate your healing


It’s not your fault you were targeted, but it is your responsibility to heal.

If you have been involved with a pathological Narcissist/Gaslighter you’ve experienced pervasive, insidious, abusive, enduring and identifiable behaviours from this toxic person specifically designed to emotionally manipulate you for their own purpose.

Hard to believe? YES!

And from their classic, identifiable behaviours, your brain has been injured and you are likely in an anxious and exhausted state of hyper vigilance with a high degree of cognitive dissonance.

You wonder if this is really happening? YES, it IS!

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Your road to Recovery!

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