The Age of Consciousness!

by | Sep 28, 2022


Our world has grown to a population of almost 8 billion people.

It is quite possible that approximately 25% of the world’s population (2 Billion people) fit in the category of pathological narcissists/gaslighters/personality disorders.

An astonishing number!

When you add up the number of psychopaths, sociopaths, the spectrum of narcissistic personality disorders, borderline, histrionic and paranoid personality disorders … a group called the Cluster B’s in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual – DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association), the diagnosed range between 6-9% (usually court ordered!)  When we add the undiagnosed ~10-15%, we arrive at 20-25% of our overall population.

Approximately 2 billion people in the world with a personality disorder!

Whatever the actual number is, we have a massive problem here on earth!

These personality disorders present entitled, controlling with, for the most part, high intelligence quotient and charm, with no regard for law or rules, with no regard for others, with no remorse, guilt or empathy …all traits to assist them in their endeavours of narrow, self indulgent, money-seeking power and control of others.  Selfish and Soul…less!!

And interestingly, their identifiable weakness IS that they require external validation every day in order for them to survive. They live in a storm of self-loathing and chaos with an inner darkness. They search to regulate themselves by using others.  They are everywhere, in every system of our society, at every level, in every job, and in hundreds of millions of homes.

So why aren’t these pathological disorders better identified?

Because each system in our society has its own view of these personality disorders and has not collectively identified them as a whole.

Here is what I mean:

  • Law enforcement calls them the “bad guys”
  • Mental health systems call them “patients”
  • Domestic violence organizations call them “abusers”
  • Batterer intervention programs call them “perpetrators”
  • Criminal defence attorneys call them “clients”
  • Sexual assault centres call them rapists or “sexual offenders”
  • Financial institutions call them “swindlers”
  • The online world calls them “trolls”
  • Victims call them “violent offenders”
  • Children and adolescents call them “cyberbullies”
  • The swindled call them “con artists”
  • The judicial system calls them “criminals”
  • Churches call them “evil or unredeemed”
  • Social Media call them “hackers”
  • The defamed call them “cyberstalkers”
  • Parents call them “pedophiles”
  • Prisons call them “high-security risks and inmates”
  • The FBI calls them “targets and terrorists”
  • and so on….

How convenient for these pathological personality disordered characters to be flying under the radar by being selectively identified with specific behaviours in each of our different societal systems.

All of these systems deal with the same character with the same personality disorder, but each system deals with different:

  • faces
  • statuses
  • careers & titles
  • money status
  • crimes
  • social service requests
  • spiritual confessions
  • storylines & excuses
  • projections of behaviour

However, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s the same personality disorder over and over again.

As we become conscious that the same personality disorders exist in every societal system, we need to become conscious of how to collectively deal with this massive threat to our human existence.

As stated by Sandra Brown, MA, founder of The Institute of Relational Harm Reduction & Public Pathology Education*:

This complicated group of disorders single-handedly sets society on edge.

  • It keeps us in court, in therapy, in prayer, in the lawyer’s office, in depression, in anxiety, on edge, on the offence, ready to off ourselves to simply be away from such menacing (yet often normal appearing) deviancy.

Who wreaks more emotional havoc than Cluster Bs?

  • It drives people to therapy, to commit their own petty acts of revenge to avenge their own powerlessness. It drives people to drink, to run away, to take their children and run and, sadly, leads to uncountable numbers of suicides every year.
  • They single-handedly cause financial disruptions to the working class, who are demoted, or go on disability because of the ‘scrambled eggs’ for brains they now have due to too much Cluster B exposure.
  • It drives the legal market by keeping attorneys in business through never-ending court cases, child custody, and restraining orders.
  • It employs judges and prison systems. And keeps forensic computer analysts and forensic accountants frantically busy.
  • It funds domestic violence shelters, rape centres, and children’s therapy programs.

Pathology is big business. It is what our large service systems in almost every field are driven by… the need to protect, defend, prosecute, or treat the effects of Cluster Bs.

  • It employs threat assessment professionals to ward off stalkers and reputation defenders’ online programs to repair cyber attacks on people that Cluster Bs rarely even know.
  • It employs social workers and halfway houses trying to get Cluster Bs “the help they need to turn their lives around.”
  • It drives the media of TV, radio, and talk shows. Who do we think are often the people on daytime TV and reality shows? Cluster Bs. Who do the media often want to talk about in the celebrity world? The Cluster Bs. What kinds of crimes do the media flock to? The crimes often perpetrated by Cluster Bs.
  • It drives the medical field due to stress-related disorders and diseases normal people develop as a reaction to the abnormal pathology of Cluster B.

Pharmacology is partially driven by medications for depression and anxiety perpetrated by the no-conscience disorders of Cluster B. 

  • It generates new products every year to track, expose and identify Cluster Bs who are hacking computers, sending viruses, or putting chips on phones and cars to invade others lives.


* Sandra Brown, MA, The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction& Public Pathology Education, 2022

While, clearly, pathology generates jobs for many, it is still the single most destructive group of disorders that exists. And until all the major systems—judicial, legal, and mental health—get on the same page about who does that, we will be stuck in this maze of pathological personality disorders flying under the radar, undiagnosed, unrealized, and wreaking havoc in millions of people’s lives.

We are a biological species who live together on this earth. There are high level human beings and there are low level human beings on the bell curve of core personality traits. Pathological personality disorders constitute extremely low core personality traits.  Including a grandiose sense of themselves, need for external validation and attention, no empathy, feel superior to others, it’s never their fault, they lie and cheat with no regard for others, they do not play within the rules of society believing they are superior.

Their pathology hurts others and hurts society.

But the world is waking up, as we enter the age of consciousness!

Think #hashtags:

  • #narcissistic abuse,
  • #metoo,
  • #blacklivesmatter,
  • #islamiphobia,
  • #amberheardandjohnnydepp,
  • #(you know who)
  • #whitesupremisists, to name just a few…

Pathological personality disordered individuals are being found out, labelled, snubbed, and are feeling the rejection hence the rising of the chaos in the world.  Narcissists are being cornered, trapped, called out and driven to desperate measures.  The dangerous are reeling and causing chaos.

As we become more aware of their pathological effects on us and our society, as we begin to say no, learn how to have boundaries, don’t vote them in, avoid these dangerous love relationships, go no contact, stop providing them SUPPLY, this will cause increasing chaos for them and for society.

Where does this go…?

I wish I had the answer!!

Martha Digby
Registered Psychotherapist

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