The Narcissist’s Soul War and How to Heal From it

by | Jul 10, 2019

Soul wars

If you are a target of narcissistic abuse, it may feel as though your deep inner soul has quite literally been sucked right out of you.

You often feel energetically depleted, not yourself emotionally, you’ve lost your spiritual connection to life force, you do physical acts (sexual) that do not reflect who you are … your mind is reeling all the time, even wondering what you did to cause the reaction from the pathological narcissist/sociopath.

In fact, you’ve become just a mere fraction of yourself. You do not function like you used to … you are not your normal self. You cannot believe what has become of you.

Sound familiar?

During narcissistic abuse, the narcissist is guilty of soul vandalism, of stealing and devastating your soul. They literally begin to live as you, with your capabilities, endurance, super traits and they leave you with themselves – feeling hollow, needy, with low energy and disgusted with yourself. They trade souls with us, without us even realizing it. Does this ring true?

This Phenomenon is Happening for Real

The truth of what’s going on is this:


There is a SOUL WAR occurring between pathological narcissists and empaths here on earth in order to to allow the narcissist to survive on this physical, dense plane we call earth.

The narcissist feeds off the souls of good people. Their targets are those who have emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual trauma. There is a direct reflection going on here.

The pathological narcissists exhibits classic, identifiable behaviours:

  1. EMOTIONAL manipulation (abuse cycle, gaslighting, triangulation etc.),
  2. MENTAL control (need to win, be in control, false sense of self-importance),
  3. PHYSICAL demands (heightened asexuality or sexuality),
  4. SPIRITUAL lack (many are atheists, agnostics, or head of church in their False Self)
  5. ENERGETIC force (they fill a room with their energy, their energy is dense and heavy)

… and narcissists debilitate the souls of good people, sucking them dry, so they, the narcissist, may thrive in life in this world.
They know not what they do, however … isn’t it strange?

(I won’t go into my theory on how they became a soul-less pathological narcissist in the first place, you can find this in another article, but suffice to say they require the souls of good people to exist.)

Soul War, Really?

Of course, it’s hard to prove there is a SOUL WAR going on here as there is no scientific evidence or facts around it. But let’s face it, if you’re reading this article, somehow you just know it’s true. Right?

I am going to say this loud and clear – THERE IS A REAL AND GROWING EPIDEMIC OF A SOUL WAR OCCURRING IN SOCIETY TODAY. And most people are oblivious of its devastating consequences.

How Do We Win Our Soul Back?

The only way to get well from soul devastation is to do our own inner work.

Let’s just say the narcissist is the messenger to wake us up to do the work we need to do. Sometimes I say to my clients – the amount of chaos the narcissist has played on you in life, is a direct reflection of the amount of trauma within you.

We need to work from 5 pillars in healing:


No-one can do this for us, and if we don’t do it for ourselves, we will remain in the same state for our entire life and possibly into future lives (if you are a believer in that!)

We win when we reconnect to our own life force; to regain our true, authentic self.

We do this with the full intention of releasing and healing the parts of ourselves trapped in our own traumas. The trauma in our inner being is no different than a virus in a computer system, destroying files as time goes on. As we get older in life, life experiences land on these traumas (the virus) and become skewed, destroyed, misinterpreted, deleted due to our own traumas.

These traumas may be from our childhood, from generations past and carried through DNA, from epigenetics, from all sources unknown. But we are here, on earth, and we have now been given the opportunity to heal.

Brainspotting works!

There are many ways that work to attempt to heal from narcissistic abuse and recover your lost (or stolen) soul.

It can take a lifetime of talk therapy (with all due respect, it doesn’t really work), we can do yoga, take mindfulness classes, meditate, do EMDR, go on a spiritual retreat, silent retreat, do MDMA, ayahuasca, bufo-alvarius, magic mushrooms and so on…

But one of the best modalities for healing our from narcissistic abuse and our own traumas is through Brainspotting. Because Brainspotting works with EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL, ENERGETIC and SPIRITUAL elements of ourselves all at the same time.

Brainspotting is a psychotherapeutic modality, essentially using FOCUSSED MINDFULNESS, as well as bilateral music or nature beats to help access the subcortal part of the brain (subconscious, body and limbic systems) and to get beyond the neocortex, thinking brain.

Win the Soul War by Healing Yourself with Brainspotting

We can choose to stay in the depleted state we’ve been left in by the narcissist. Or, we can choose to dig-in and commit to a healing protocol to get back our true and authentic self. Brainspotting works. It’s a choice. It’s YOUR choice.

Martha Digby, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Brainspotting Clinician

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