Narcissist Abuse Therapist

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Therapy
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Narcissist Abuse Therapist

Narcissistic Abuse (NA) Recovery Therapy

 Are you involved with a pathological Narcissist/Gaslighter?

If so, and even if you’re not sure, you may be suffering from severe stress response symptoms from their emotional manipulation and pervasive behavioural patterns.



My Virtual Private Practice offers :


* Validation of your situation

* Understanding why your

core personality traits attracted their

core pathological traits  

*Emotional regulation

*Communication support 

*Effective tools for navigating family issues, divorce, legal system, parallel parenting, parent alienation

* Homework to support your process



to help you heal your trauma, your cognitive dissonance (“I love them/I hate them”) and to regulate your nervous system.





  Work with a therapist who understands what you’ve been through and has worked exclusively with clients of narcissistic abuse for over 8 years!

*feel better after the first session

*move through your process quickly – you do not need to be in therapy for years!

*return anytime if you need a “Brainspotting tune-up”


It’s not your fault you were targeted, but it is your responsibility to heal.

 If you have been involved with a pathological Narcissist/Gaslighter you’ve experienced pervasive, insidious, abusive, enduring and identifiable behaviours from this toxic person specifically designed to emotionally manipulate you for their own purpose.

Hard to believe? YES!

And from their classic, identifiable behaviours, your brain has been injured and you are likely in an anxious and exhausted state of hyper vigilance with a high degree of cognitive dissonance.

You wonder if this is really happening? YES, it IS!

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