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Narcissist Abuse Therapist

Trauma Recovery Therapy


Are you dealing with a Narcissist?



If you are, then you’re likely feeling confused, uncertain, and utterly drained.

And if you’ve found your way here, it’s probably because you’re at your wits’ end and in need of support.


I can help: 

I fully understand what you’ve experienced … a life-shattering, soul-crushing, emotionally bewildering, and devastating relationship with this person. 

It can leave us:

– feeling alone, depleted, and exhausted,

– enduring strange and abusive behaviour,

– walking on eggshells,

– constantly ruminating,

– feeling trapped in a trauma bond, battling conflicting thoughts of love and hate, stay or go,

– trying to explain it all to others who simply “don’t get it”.



If this rings true for you:

– chances are you’ve become a target of a personality-impaired individual, 

– specifically a pathological Psychopath, Narcissist, Anti-Social, or Borderline Personality Disordered individual,

– classified under Cluster B Personality Disorders by the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, American Psychiatric Association.


These may be clinical terms, but they accurately describe people who struggle with core personality impairments in areas such as:






As a result, the dual dysregulation you’ve suffered,

(PTSD and Cognitive Dissonance),

perpetuated by these individuals  has likely caused damage to your brain.



Take a deep breath ….



I genuinely empathize with what you’re going through and have dedicated my life to helping individuals who have suffered from narcissistic abuse.




And take this in …



As a seasoned Registered Psychotherapist, Spiritual Psychotherapist, Trauma Informed Care Professional, and Certified Brainspotting Clinician, I am fully equipped to support you in my ONLINE PRIVATE PRACTICE.



In our work together, we will:



– validate your situation,

– help break the trauma bond (if you’re still in it!),

– understand why your Core Personality Traits attracted their Core Pathological Traits,

– assist with emotional regulation,

– learn strategies for harm reduction,

– understand their personality impairments,

-learn tools for communication,

– strengthen your Self,

– empower YOU back to YOU, 

– navigate family issues, divorce, legal system challenges, parallel parenting, and parent alienation.



Above all,

I offer an incredibly powerful trauma healing tool called Brainspotting

This state of the art modality is liberating and, can help heal your…


– Typical Trauma – complex PTSD, emotional dysregulation,

– Atypical Trauma – cognitive dissonance (internal conflict),

– It helps regulate your autonomic nervous system,

– and shifts you to feeling better!


It’s not your fault you were targeted, but it is your responsibility to heal.

If you have been involved with a pathological Narcissist/Gaslighter you’ve experienced pervasive, insidious, abusive, enduring and identifiable behaviours from this toxic person specifically designed to emotionally manipulate you for their own purpose.

Hard to believe? YES!

And from their classic, identifiable behaviours, your brain has been injured and you are likely in an anxious and exhausted state of hyper vigilance with a high degree of cognitive dissonance.

You wonder if this is really happening? YES, it IS!

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Your road to Recovery!

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